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Discretionary management

If you opt for discretionary management service, you entrust the management of your portfolio to experts who will manage your assets in accordance with your investment profile and objectives and in your best interest. We will determine your investment profile on the basis of what you tell us about your:

  • investment objectives and appetite for risk
  • financial situation
  • knowledge of and experience with financial instruments and markets.

Vous avez également la possibilité de choisir un profil d'investissement plus prudent que celui qui vous est proposé.

The Barclays advantage

We will help you transfer a PEA or securities account. You may obtain all the information you will need concerning this from your Barclays Relationship Manager.

For more information contact your Relationship Manager now.

Why Barclays

  • A broad pallet of investment profiles

    Our staff has developed a series of model portfolios based on five distinct risk profiles. These profiles correspond to specific levels of risk tolerance whereas seven 'management profiles' (either PEA or 100% Equitiesare available).
    After having determined your investment profile, an Associate Portfolio Manager, who is an expert in discretionary management, will work with you and your Relationship Manager to find th appropriate solution to your needs, goals and knowledge of financial markets, selecting from the following available options:

  • A simple and clear fee structure

    A management fee is calculated and charged twice a year (it does not include transaction fees on directly held securities).

  • Discretionary management (€50,000 minimum investment)

    We offer two types of investment mandates(1) :

    • The MF Mandate, where all funds are invested among a broad range of mutual funds (€50,000 minimum investment)
    • The Mixed Mandate which enables investors to also invest directly in specific financial markets and securities. This service is available with a minimum investment of €75,000 (via a PEA account) or €250,000 (via a standard securities account).

    Choisir son mandat en un clin d'œil

      Min.investment Vehicles Risk-reward ratio
    MF Mandate > €50,000 MF 11 management profiles(2)
    Mixed Mandate > €75,000 (for a PEA account)
    and €250,000
    7 management profiles

Investment mandate fees are indicated in the "Fees, Terms & Conditions - Fees" section of this website.

Legal information and terms

  • (1) To be eligible for discretionary management you must have or open a PEA or securities account with Barclays France SA. Portfolio management service is subject to Barclays France SA's acceptance of your investment application file. Upon Barclays acceptance ofyour application file, you will have 14 days to cancel your purchase decision if it was made remotely (pursuant to the French Consumers Code) or if it was made in response to an unsolicited offer to purchase banking or financial services (pursuant to the French Monetary and Financial Code).
  • (2) includes four management profiles in US dollars.
  • The use of this website as well as the products and services presented here are neither offered nor sold to US Persons pursuant to the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 as amended. Accordingly, the products and services on this website are not intended for US Persons and cannot be purchased by such persons, unless there is an express waiver of this restriction under the applicable United States law. The reader of this message must ensure that he or she is legally authorised to connect to this website in the country from which this connection was made.
    By remaining on this website, the reader confirms that he or she is not infringing on any law or regulation that applies to him or her.
  • The value of any investment may fall or rise depending on the behaviour of financial markets.