Pour mieux vous servir,
Barclays France se réinvente et devient Milleis.

Dans quelques jours, le site barclays.fr sera redirigé vers le site milleis.fr.
Vous pouvez dès maintenant vous connecter en toute sécurité depuis le site milleis.fr en utilisant les mêmes identifiants.

J'ai compris, je me connecte à mon espace client depuis milleis.fr.

Our hotline is available (from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM from Monday to Friday):
From France : 01 73 08 57 30 *
From abroad: +33 (0)1 73 08 57 30 *
* Call without extra charges, cost depending of your phone provider, available abroad

Bourse online

You want to manage your portfolio online, using some powerful tools? With Barclays E-ssentiel(1) and e-Expert(1) services you will be able to place orders for your Barclays PEA or securities account online and remain in full control.

The Barclays advantage :

With its Bourse Advisory service, Barclays can help you manage your securities portfolio whenever you need.

Barclays' E-ssential and E-expert services :

Free access to the Barclaysnet website
Dedicated Support HotLine
Dow Jones' news feed
Technical analysis charts "Day by Day"
Site options :
  • Automatically price feed
  • Independent quotes windows for real-time price monitoring.
Telephone order platform
Professional portfolio management software -
Monthly subscription rate 0€ 20€
Trades on French bonds and securities or foreign bonds and securities listed in France
Broker fees for online orders 0.50%(2)
(€9 minimum)
(€12 minimum)
Broker fees for telephone orders 1.50% (€15 minimum) 1.50% (€15 minimum)
Trades on securities traded on a foreign exchange. Does not include forex fee, correspondent charge or custodian fee.
Broker fees for online orders 1.15 % (€38 minimum*) 0.58 % (€38 minimum*)

**Not subject to VAT. Does not include telephone and/or Internet expenses.

Custody fees

No custody fees are charged on financial instruments issued by Barclays. All other instruments are subject to the following degressive rates.s

Amount (in €) Rate
From €0 to €50,000 0.60%
From €50,000 to €100,000 0.40%
From €100,000 to €200,000 0.20%
> €200,000 0.10%

inimum charge: €90


  • (1)The Barclays E-ssentiel and Barclays e-Expert agreements indicate the fees charged on stock-market orders placed on Barclaysnet (and through branch offices or by telephone) and the various functions available in your client space.
  • (2)Broker fee for trades on French bonds and securities or foreign bonds and securities listed in France placed on the Internet.
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