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Advisory management

This advisory service is designed for investors who want to play an active role in the management of their securities account and/or PEA account. If you chose Advisory Management service, our experts will give you personalised recommendations in accordance with your investment profile and requirements. Unlike Discretionary Management, you will keep the final choice on all investment decisions.

We offer two types of Advisory Management service:

The Barclays Premier Choice Account combines a securities account with investment advisory service. It employs a diversified allocation of assets in Mutual Funds and debt securities, in accordance with your investment profile. Barclays Bourse Advisory service provides advice for direct investment in equities, bonds and ETF*. A dedicated Advisory Manager who is specialised in financial markets will propose an investment strategy that is tailored for your investment profile and objectives. * ETF: An exchange-traded fund, also known as a 'tracker'. An ETF replicates the behaviour of a specific stock market index, asset or investment strategy.
Compte-titres PEA Compte-titres PEA

Mutual Funds and structured debt securities selected from highly reputable partners. These complementary skills and experience aim to optimise the diversification of your portfolio, particularly in terms of investment objectives and style, in order to support multiple market configurations.

  • Barclays Wealth and Investment
  • Management
  • BlackRock
  • BlueBay Funds Management Company S.A
  • Comgest
  • Franklin Templeton
  • GLG Partners Asset Management
  • Hermes Investment Management
  • J.P. Morgan Asset Management
  • Keren Finance
  • La Financière de l'Echiquier
  • Lazard Freres Gestion
  • Gestion
  • Metropole Gestion
  • Montanaro Asset Management
  • PIMCO Global Advisors
  • Robeco
Directly held equities, bonds and ETF*) * ETF: An exchange-traded fund, also known as a 'tracker'. An ETF replicates the behaviour of a specific stock market index, asset or investment strategy.

With your Advisor you will discuss your financial situation, knowledge of financial markets, risk appetite, financial goals and expectations. He or she will then propose an asset allocation that aims to provide sufficient geographic and sector diversification and a return that matches your risk-reward objectives and profile. Your Advisor will then use an asset allocation tool, investment knowledge and expertise to implement a Barclays investment strategy that is aligned with your particular situation and goals. Your Advisor will regularly discuss your portfolio with you, in light of the most recent analysis and economic scenarios of our research staff. You will be able to work with your Advisor to adjust your portfolio's allocation to seize new opportunities and make any tactical or strategic changes that may be necessary. Whenever your wish, you may modify your investment strategy to secure your savings, or on the contrary seek for higher returns.

Your Advisory Manager closely monitors changes in stock markets and informs you of anything that is likely to impact your portfolio. He or she will point out new investment opportunities and recommend what you will need to sell, when the time is right. Your Advisory Manager will also inform you if the composition of your portfolio deviates substantially from your investment strategy. Each day, you will receive 'Today's ideas', commentary on the most important economic and financial news, a market analysis and Buy, Sell or Hold recommendations on a selection of securities. At any time, you may discuss new investment opportunities with your Advisory Manager before you make a decision. To help you make the right decision and keep track of your trades, we will send you: - confirmation of each trade - a statement of your deferred settlement and delivery trades, if this service was selected - a monthly portfolio statement - a quarterly investment report

See the Fee Schedule See the Fee Schedule


  • (1) This offer is subject to terms and conditions and to the approval of your application file. For more information contact your branch office. Upon Barclays acceptance of your application file, you will have 14 days to cancel your purchase decision if it was made remotely (pursuant to the French Consumers Code) or if it was made in response to an unsolicited offer to purchase banking or financial services (pursuant to the French Monetary and Financial Code).
  • (2) You must have a securities portfolio or a share savings plan that is valued at at least 75,000 €, have signed a Barclays Bourse Conseils advisory agreement and have provided us with information concerning your financial situation, investment objectives, appetite for risk, and experience and knowledge of financial instruments.
    Without this information we cannot provide you with this investment advisory service since it might not be suitable for your particular requirements.
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