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Mortgage simulation calculator

In order to help you with your first-time real-estate buying project, Barclays provides these simulation calculators.

They will help you determine how much you can afford to borrow and how much your monthly instalments may be. These tools only provide an illustration and do not entail Barclays commitment and/or its approval. The percentage rate used in the calculation as well as the other fields you have filled in freely do not constitute a rate quote or a loan application.

Your monthly repayments


Your borrowing capacity

Legal Disclosures and Terms & Conditions

  • This calculation tool only serves as an illustration. It is filled out freely and has no contractual value; it is neither a credit simulation nor a loan offer.
  • The interest rate and monthly instalment are given excluding charges and insurance.
  • A loan is a commitment that must be repaid. Verify your ability to repay before making the commitment.
  • Loan offer reserved for Barclays Personal Customers following examination and definitive approval of your application. The borrower has a ten-day free look period prior to accepting the loan offer. The sale is subject to obtaining the loan and, if credit is not obtained, the seller must refund the sums paid by the borrower.
  • The information entered in this mortgage simulation calculator will not be kept by Barclays France SA.