Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) is an insurance policy that covers bodily injury caused by accidents that occur in one's private life. Contrary to auto accidents or occupational accidents at work/travel, the financial consequences of such accidents in life are not covered by compulsory social protection schemes or your other insurance contracts. Because you will need to pay for unexpected expenses, such as buying medical equipment or modifying your home, and because you must maintain your standard of living and continue to assume your family responsibilities, Barclays can offer Personal Accident Insurance: this is the only real solution to protect you and your family financially

Barclays PAI in detail


Any private individual from 18 to 65 years old inclusive.


The insured and the individuals in his/her family listed in the contract (under the family plan). The insured can be:

  • the main policyholder,
  • the unseparated spouse or common-law partner (whether or not united by a PACS civil union),
  • the children of the policyholder or those of his/her partner, residing in their household at the address shown under the Special Terms and Conditions,
  • the policyholder's under-age children, even if they do not reside in his/her household.
  • the policyholder's unmarried adult children who are students and under the age of 26 or those of his/her partner, even if they do not reside in their household.
  • One year, renewable by tacit agreement from one year to the next.,
  • No age limit to benefit from this cover.
Medical formalities

None when taking out the policy

Accidents covered*
  • Accidents that occur in one's private life (household, school, and leisure activities): falling down stairs, injury when doing odd jobs, electrocution, etc.
  • Medical accidents: medical errors, infections developed in hospital environments, anaesthesia or surgery accidents, etc.
  • Accidents cause by attacks or aggressions: blows, injuries, etc.
  • Accidents due to natural or technological catastrophes.

*Cover of accidents responsible for bodily injury or fatality even without a third-party being liable that occur during the term of the policy, in France, in Monaco, in Andorra, in the territories of the Member States of the European Union, in Iceland, in Lichtenstein, in Norway, in San Marino, in Switzerland, and in the Vatican or in the rest of the world during travel lasting less than three months.
*Under the terms, conditions, and limits of the contract..


In the event of permanent disability equal to or great than 5% or 30% depending on the coverage obtained (Comfort or Reference), PAI covers the following injuries/losses :

  • Permanent disability according to the level determined by the expert physician,
  • Professional incidence,
  • Cost of assistance from a third party following stabilization (home-carer),
  • Expenses for adapting the home,
  • Permanent scarring/disfigurement damage,
  • Loss of enjoyment of life (giving up an unpaid hobby or sport),
  • Suffering endured.

In the event of death, PAI indemnifies the following losses:

  • Economic and non-economic loss (solely for Family policies),
  • Funeral expenses are covered up to €5,000.

The compensation cap is 1 million euros per insured and per accident.
Compensation is always settled minus the benefits paid by social agencies. It takes into account the real situation of the insured (age, gender, revenues, family situation, etc.) and is therefore not a pre-calculated flat rate at the time coverage is obtained.

* Under the terms, conditions, and limits of the contract.

Assistance services (*)
  • Immediate assistance :
    In the event of hospitalisation for over two days or immobilisation at home for over four days, you may receive the following benefits, such as:
    • A home helper (up to 30 hours spread over three weeks).
    • A home-carer (up to 15 hours spread over three weeks).
  • Assistance following an accident: :
    This could cover home schooling for a child who cannot get to classes (up to 15 hours), for instance.
    Assistance for persons with disabilities, help to adapt the home:
    • Coverage of up to €460 for the fees of a specialist hired to determine and assess the cost of measures required to adapt the home to the beneficiary's needs.
    • Organisation and cover of the intervention of a specialised job-hunting consultant (up to five two-hour telephone interviews).

* The assistance services are only available in the event of an accident covered by PAI. Under the terms, conditions, and limits of the contract.

Cost of insurance

Two solutions to adapt the level of cover to your requirements*

  Reference solution Comfort solution
Purposes Essential cover to insure life's most serious accidents. Extended protection to cover life's less serious accidents..
Degree of disability As of 30%.
Example: a paralyzed leg.
As of 5%.
Example: loss of a finger.
Maximum lump sum benefit €1,000,000
Age limit for contracting the policy 65 years old for the lifetime disability benefit (no age limit in the term covered)
Monthly premium for:
A single person
A family
Funeral expenses Cover up to a limit of €5,000


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