Who are we ?

Barclays France

Barclays France is one of the largest foreign banks in France. Well known for our expertise in wealth management, we serve some 140,000 high-income clients, including 45,000 Premier clients.

Barclays France employs almost 1,000 people in France, in retail banking and asset management

Our advisors have many years of experience, know their clients well and maintain a close relationship, can rely on our 'in-house' expertise in estate and tax planning, financial markets, real estate and life insurance, and can offer a broad range of wealth management products, in an open architecture framework.

We provide multichannel service that includes:

  • A physical network of branch offices, Premier Clubs and Barclays Wealth offices that provides advisory services in major French cities
  • Two 'online branches': MyBarclays and BarclaysNow!, for clients who prefer to contact their Advisor from their home or wherever they happen to be
  • Our BarclaysNet website and its mobile versions, for banking transactions anytime and anywhere.
  • UpToMe: a service available on our BarclaysNet website which enables clients to meet with their investment advisor online, as if they were face-to-face.

With the following services we are able to offer you a broad spectrum of products, find innovative solutions and find the one that is most appropriate for your wealth management needs.

  • Barclays Vie : Barclays's life insurance subsidiary in France
  • Barclays Courtage : a subsidiary that manages all life insurance policies sold by our Advisors that are not Barclays Vie policies, in accordance with Barclay's open architecture model
  • Barclays Diversification : a real estate investment subsidiary that offers property assets and new development opportunities that are consistent with the investment goals of our clients and their personal wealth assessment
  • Barclays Wealth & Investment Management : Barclays' asset management subsidiary in France, which offers an extensive range of funds that are proposed by our Advisors.
  • Partner managers - These experts in discretionary management under direct investment mandates or life insurance policies help clients determine their investor profile and select the most appropriate investment mandate
  • Advisory managers - With in-depth knowledge of financial markets, the advisory managers of the Barclays Bourse Conseil team serve clients who have opted for advisory management service, by making personalised buy and sell recommendations in accordance with the client's profile. Clients have full control over their investment decisions.
  • Estate and tax planning - In addition to their Advisor, clients can also count on a team of tax and wealth management experts to assist them with complex estate planning decisions and optimise their wealth in accordance with their professional and family situations and investment objectives.

In December 2016, Barclays announced the sale of its French retail banking and wealth and investment management operations to AnaCap Financial Partners. The sale has been completed on August 31st, 2017. Established in 2005, AnaCap Financial Partners is a specialist private equity firm focused on investing in the European financial services sector; their portfolio includes, among others, 5 banks in Europe.

For more information :
- 01/09/17 : Barclays France ouvre une nouvelle page de son développement et nomme Philippe Vayssettes au poste de Directeur Général
- 01/09/17 : Barclays PLC (« Barclays ») annonce la finalisation de son opération de cession de ses activités de banque de détail et de gestion d'actifs en France à AnaCap Financial Partners (« AnaCap »)
- http://www.anacapfp.com

Barclays France - a good corporate citizen

Because we specialise in wealth management and provide our clients with high value-added advisory services, we are assured that we can help them achieve their financial objectives.

A little over seven years ago, we realised that we could also help other people achieve their goals and launched a programme of citizenship actions in support of future generations

This programme's objective is to help young people who have the necessary desire, energy and ideas achieve their goals. The programme works in two ways, by providing:

  • Skills mentoring, through the volunteer efforts of Barclays employees
  • Financial support for education programmes that are designed and deployed by specialised NGOs and associations.

The purpose of our efforts and those of our volunteers is to help our partner NGOs and associations help young people:

  • Improve their knowledge of financial matters so that they will be able to manage their money and future more effectively and facilitate their dealings with banks - through Financial Skills actions
  • Develop their spirit of entrepreneurship so that they will be able to take initiative and possibly create their own business, and directly assist those who decide to do so - through Entrepreneurial Skills actions
  • Enter the job market, by knowing how to look for a job, present themselves, make the most of their skills and experience, meet with recruiters and find their first job - through Employability actions
  • Become good citizens, by acquiring the basic knowledge required to live harmoniously in society and interact with others, regardless of their social, psychological or physical difficulties - through Social Skills actions.

To ensure that this programme is a success, we have partnered with two associations: Unis Cité, a pioneer in community service in France (since 2010) and Paris Action Entreprise (in 2016).

In addition to these partnerships, via the Barclays Solidarity Committee employees can propose micro-funding actions for NGOs and associations that help young people. Over the past few years, this initiative has provided funding, for example, for Rêves de Gosse, Street Athlé, Agir et Vivre l'Autisme, and AFVT (an association for the victims of terrorism), and has also helped finance fund-raising events, such as Barclays Team Alpe d'Huez (for the benefit of Petits Princes), the Course B2Run (for Rêve), and 'Mets ton bonnet' (for Les Petits Frères des Pauvres).

  • In 2016, as a partner in Unis Cité's Dream and Do programme, we helped 350 young people complete their community service, and, in partnership with Paris Action Entreprise, also provided financial assistance to 19 young Paris-area entrepreneurs.
  • Every year since 2010, Barclays have been organising Make a Difference Days, where some 250 employees donate their time to NGOs and associations that help young people.
  • In 2016, 952 children and young adults were able to benefit from the volunteer efforts of Barclays employees at a Make a Difference Day, in partnership with 16 French NGOs and associations.

For more information : communication@barclays.fr