Enjoy the many advantages of making Barclays your main bank

As of 6 February 2017, it is now even easier for you to change banks at no expense to you. Now is the time to discover the multitude of services that Barclays offers.

But why should you entrust you day-to-day banking transactions to Barclays?

1 - For a free(1) premium debit card that offers insurance and assistance services

Moving your banking transactions to Barclays will give you free access to the insurance, assistance, concierge and other services of our packaged accounts. cliquez ici

2 - For exclusive services, such as our Barclays Gallery rewards programme!(2)

Moving your banking to Barclays may make you a "Premier" client(2) and entitle you to the many benefits of our Barclays Gallery programme! The Barclays Gallery programme was designed to reward your trust and loyalty. It will enable you not only to receive exceptional gifts, but also to enjoy unforgettable moments and experiences which you may share with others.

3 - Now it's even easier to talk with your own personal advisor, without leaving your home or office

To make your life simpler, we have provided you with your own secure area at no extra charge: «UpToMe»(3). Now you can:

  • talk with your advisor, wherever you may be, by video-conference(4),
  • use our secure messaging system to communicate with your advisor,
  • share documents online,
  • sign your new contracts or policies electronically(5).

This latest generation of digital services was designed to provide personalised online service and save you time.

How can I move my banking to Barclays?

1- Contact your Barclays advisor.

2- Just:
- send him your current banking details and
- indicate the date at which you want your banking transactions (transfers and direct debts) transferred.

3- Your advisor will have you sign the account transfer authorisation that will entitle us to handle, at no cost to you, the various formalities involved in transferring your account to our bank. This will automatically transfer your standing bank transfers and direct debits from your old account to your new account at Barclays.

What is "banking mobility"

A banking mobility service facilities the transfer of your banking transactions to a new bank. It is available to natural persons who hold a non-professional deposit account. What this means concretely is that your new bank will obtain the contact details of your suppliers, debtors and creditors and will inform them of your new banking details. The new bank will thus ensure the processing of your current bank transfers and of any cheques you have written over the past 13 months and which have not been debited. Your new bank can also transfer your funds from your old account and have it closed, whenever this is convenient for you. Your debtors and creditors will have 10 business days to process your new banking details.

We can also have your old account closed at your convenience. For more information you may download the Account Closure and Transfer Guide.pdf, published by Clés de la Banque.

Who is entitled to this service?

All natural-person clients who hold a deposit or payment account which they do not use for business or professional purposes. Please note: to be able to transfer your banking transactions to a new bank, you must hold, at the new bank, a current account of the same type, which means that the transfer is made, for example, from a joint account to a joint account, from a single-holder account to a single-holder account, etc...


  • (1) For clients who hold a packaged account before 01/07/2015, and who have at least €50,000 of assets at Barclays and credit their account with at least €3,000 a month. For clients who hold a packaged account as of 01/07/2015 and who have at least €100,000 of assets at Barclays and credit their account with at least €3,000 a month.
  • (2) Our Barclays Gallery programme is reserved for our best clients, our Premier clients.
    You are a Premier client if:
    - you have made Barclays your main bank for your day-to-day banking transactions, your current account is credited with at least €5,000 each month and your monthly debits from this account total at least €1,500.
    - or if your hold at least €100,000 in assets at Barclays.
  • (3) UpToMe is only available to adult individuals who have subscribed for Barclaysnet services pursuant to the Barclaysnet Agreement. The UpToMe service is free of charge (not including your Internet provider and communication costs).
  • (4) Your computer must be connected to the Internet and equipped with a webcam. Some terminals and browsers may require the installation of a free plug-in to enable video-conference.
  • (5) Electronic signatures are only available on single-holder bank accounts.
    As of 2 January 2017, the following products accessible from your Barclaysnet area are eligible for electronic signature:
    - EMTN, for an existing securities account
    - BarclaysMoovie unit-linked life insurance policies, for subscription, investment and switching.
    The terms and conditions of these policies are provided in the General Terms and Conditions, which are equivalent to a prospectus. Clients who subscribe for a new BarclaysMoovie life insurance policy have 30 calendar days to change their mind, pursuant to the terms of the General Terms and Conditions. These policies are insured by Barclays Vie and are distributed by Barclays France SA and Barclays Patrimoine.