Access your accounts
and contact your Advisor

With the Barclaysnet secure client area.

Barclaysnet was designed to accommodate your Internet-enabled PC, tablet and smart phone, so that you can access your accounts and manage your assets whenever and wherever you want!

In your client area you may :

  • Manage your bank accounts
  • Buy and sell securities
  • Meet with your Advisor in the comfort of your home, by video-conference

1st log in:

Are you a Barclays client and would you like to receive your free Barclaysnet access codes?
Then all you have to do is either:
- Call your Barclays Advisor
- Contact Barclays Direct at +33 (0) 1 55 78 72 27 (a standard rate number)
- Fill out the contact form

Simplify day-to-day account transactions

  • Access all of your current, savings and securities accounts, cards, loans and e-account statements (in pdf format)
  • Arrange a one-time or standing transfer order (in France, in the SEPA area and beyond). Strong authentication will enable you to immediately register new transfer beneficiaries
  • Order your cheque books and print out your BIC and IBAN codes
  • Download your accounts in Excel, Money or Quicken format.

Manage your securities portfolio online (1)

  • Place your buy and sell orders directly while having continuous access to prices, net asset values and other key information you will need to make investment decisions
  • Access a wealth of financial information on the latest market trends and issues, including news flashes, consensus forecasts, equity research, technical analyses and more)
  • Use an analytical tool to draw your own charts and detect signals to guide your investment decisions.

Contact and meet with your Advisor online

"UpToMe" (3)

, a secure personal area that is available free of charge (2), will enable you to:

  • talk with your advisor by video-conference, wherever you may be ! (4)
  • use a secure messaging system to communicate with your Advisor,
  • share documents
  • electronically signyour new contracts and policies (5).

This new generation of digital features was designed to provide personalised service online and save you time.


  • (1) This service is currently available on the old version of BarclaysNet and is accessible on the page where you enter your access codes.
  • (2) Excludes your Internet access provider's charges and communication costs.
  • (3) UpToMe is only available to natural persons and adults who have subscribed for Barclaysnet services and pursuant to the terms of a Barclaysnet services agreement.
    You may access the Barclaysnet Agreement by clicking here
  • (4) Your computer must be connected to the Internet and equipped with a webcam. To enable video-conferencing some terminals and browsers may require the installation of a free plug-in.
  • (5) The electronic signature feature is only available for single-holder bank accounts.
    As of 5 December 2016, the electronic signature feature is available for the following products, which may be accessed from your Barclaysnet area:
    - BarclaysMoovie unit-linked life insurance policies, for subscription, investment and switching.
    The terms and conditions of these policies may be found in the General Terms and Conditions, which also serves as a prospectus. Clients who subscribe for a new Barclays Moovie policy have 30 calendar days to change their mind, pursuant to the terms of the General Terms and Conditions. These policies are insured by Barclays Vie and are distributed by Barclays France SA and Barclays Patrimoine.
    For more information about the Barclays Moovie life insurance policy click here
    - EMTN, in an existing Securities Account.
    For more information about EMTN click here
    For more information about Securities Accounts click here