Pour mieux vous servir,
Barclays France se réinvente et devient Milleis.

Dans quelques jours, le site barclays.fr sera redirigé vers le site milleis.fr.
Vous pouvez dès maintenant vous connecter en toute sécurité depuis le site milleis.fr en utilisant les mêmes identifiants.

J'ai compris, je me connecte à mon espace client depuis milleis.fr.

Our hotline is available (from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM from Monday to Friday):
From France : 01 73 08 57 30 *
From abroad: +33 (0)1 73 08 57 30 *
* Call without extra charges, cost depending of your phone provider, available abroad

"Contactless" payment

Contactless payment technology is already widely distributed in France. At end 2014, there were already over 32 million contactless payment cards.

"Contactless" technology provides a simple and secure feature at your disposal.

The contactless feature is an additional, optional* service intended to simplify the small everyday payments you make.

When this feature is integrated in your card, you are the one who decides when you want to pay with it. It is extremely easy to use: simply hold your card within 3 to 4 cm of the payment terminal screen. You will hear a beep signalling that your purchases are paid for and a sales receipt will print out.
You can therefore pay for purchases up to €20 at all retailer outlets who display the logo    without having to enter your PIN code, including when abroad. As soon as the contactless card is validated, the connection between your card and the payment terminal is interrupted immediately.

These practical secure payments are limited to a consecutive purchase total of €100. Beyond this threshold, the contactless function cannot be used: the retailer's payment terminal will ask you to insert your card and enter your PIN

* This feature is optional and you can choose not to benefit from it: all you need to do is let your Relationship Manager know. A standard "with contact" payment card will then be offered to you.