Rental investments

You can invest in real estate for any number of reasons: to have complementary revenues for your retirement, to build up your assets, to optimise your tax treatment, etc.

Just as motives are numerous, so are the solutions to achieve your project: choice of tax scheme, financing, guarantees, services, etc.

The Barclays+ offer:

Barclays can extend a customised overall offer, in partnership with recognised real-estate professionals.
Thanks to our dedicated subsidiary, Barclays Diversification(1), we can help you understand the various real-estate investment provisions and can assist you with your project.

With your Barclays Relationship Manager and along with support from our Barclays Diversification subsidiary, you have the benefit of additional contacts who can suggest solutions that reflect your wealth management goals:

  • Tax Provisions
  • Real-Estate Assets
  • Financing
  • Products/Services associated with this financing

We are on hand to help you with the various stages in finalising your buy-to-let investment

  • You will initially be carrying out a full assessment of all your assets with your relationship manager to be able to identify your needs accurately based on your situation and your goals.
    Your Relationship Manager will, in this way, be able to define the optimal legal and tax framework for your investment. This advice is essential because when it comes to buy-to-let investment matters, any failure to heed rental commitments entails losing the benefit of the tax incentives (2).
    Barclays Diversification, or its partners, will then provide you with a selection of real-estate plans. These partners, who are recognised in the industry for their reliability and the quality of their services, provide an additional assurance that your investment will be a success.
    Your Relationship Manager will also determine with you what financing(3) is most suitable for your project: a fully-amortizing mortgage loan or a bullet loan.
  • In addition, you will be able to take advantage of the guarantees offered by our partners to protect the (4).


  • (1) BARCLAYS DIVERSIFICATION SA, a public limited liability company with share capital of €225,000 whose registered office is located at 183 avenue Daumesnil - 75012 Paris, Registered with the Paris registre du commerce et des sociétés under number RCS Paris B 999 990 542 - Insurance Intermediary registration number with the Orias register ( N° 11 063 689 - Real Estate Transactions: Professional Licence N°T-12872 issued in Paris, financial guarantee provided by GALIAN - 89 rue la Boétie - 75008 Paris.
  • (2) The failure to heed rental commitments entails losing the benefit of the tax incentives.
    The tenancy must, in particular, go into effect within 12 months of the acquisition, or the completion of the construction or of the building work. In the event the tenant leaves, a maximum time limit of one year is acceptable for such a vacancy for purposes of finding a new tenant.
    A non-professional property buyer has a seven-day period in which to exercise his/her right of withdrawal for any private deed whose object is the construction or acquisition of real estate for residential use (Article L271-1 of the French Construction and Housing Code).
    For contracts entered into outside the establishment (contracts signed outside the offices of the professional, for instance, and at the residence of the customer or of a third party, or in the offices of the professional immediately following an initial contact with the customer outside his offices) whose purpose is to acquire or transfer real-estate, there is a 14-day right of withdrawal (Article L 121-21 of the French Consumer Code).
  • (3) Offer reserved for Barclays Personal Customers following an examination and definitive approval of your dossier by Barclays France SA. The borrower has a ten-day free-look period. The sale is subject to obtaining the loan and, if the mortgage is not obtained, the seller must refund the sums paid by the borrower.
    A loan is a commitment that must be repaid. Verify your ability to repay before making the commitment.
  • (4) Rates and charges in effect. Insurance cover limited to the benefits listed under the terms and conditions in the insurance information notice. To find out more, you can obtain further information from your Barclays Relationship Manager.